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Birth Order Part III: Your Youngest Child
by Dr. Susan S. Bartell

Birth Order Part II: Your Oldest Child
by Dr. Susan S. Bartell

Understanding Birth Order
by Dr. Susan S. Bartell

Dad's Changing Role
by Dr. Susan S. Bartell

Nursing During Pregnancy and Tandem Nursing
by Anne Smith, BA, IBCLC

Choosing Whether to Have Another Baby
by Claudine M. Jalajas

Fighting Postpartum Blues: It's Harder With Two Than One
by Dr. Susan S. Bartell

Becoming empowered to have natural childbirth the second time (even if the first time wasn't great)
by Cathey Thomas

Eating at 40,000 Feet: Traveling With More Than One Child
by Peter Van Buren and Mari Nakamura

Should children attend the birth of their new sibling?
by Dr. Susan Bartell

I Don't Want To Be Big!
by Dr. Susan Bartell

Should you breastfeed this time around?
by Dr. Susan Bartell

Saying goodbye to the only child bond
by Dr. Susan Bartell

Where do babies come from - Answering questions
by Dr. Susan Bartell

So Now You Have a Middle Child
by Dr. Susan Bartell

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